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UnaLAB environmental services experience, coupled with our detailed  cleaning processes, allow us to exceed CDC standards while reducing the  risk of healthcare-associated infections and cultivating a hygienic,  healing environment. With industry leading EVS training videos,  proprietary technology tools, preeminent quality assurance measures,  and multi-tiered infection prevention programs, we are able to provide  consistent results throughout your hospital and offices. As your partner, we will  work to seamlessly become a part of your team and build relationships  across departments for increased efficiency, a more positive patient experience and, ultimately, better cleanliness outcomes. 

When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world.

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Meeting Your Goals with Integrated Facilities Management

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Our Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) team utilizes proper  engineering, consultation, evaluation, operation, and deposition  techniques to create transparency and streamline the management and  maintenance of your facility. Our program is designed to extend the life  of specialized structures and building systems while improving the  environment of care and supporting regulatory compliance. As your  partner, we can help you make optimal decisions based off of operational  and financial models that maximize efficiencies, improve throughput,  and reduce the overall cost of operating your facility. 

Meeting Your Goals with Integrated Facilities Management

Our goal is to help you achieve operational and  financial success as your integrated facilities management provider. By  fostering common goals and welcoming peer reviews from all departments,  we empower the team to report problems immediately and contribute  towards expediting maintenance requests. This integration yields better  service and faster response times for your facility. 

 Our offer to you includes:

  • Designed programs that fully comply with all federal, state, and local regulations and codes
  • Transparent, comprehensive resources for better standardization of regulatory compliance
  • Detailed programs that cover every aspect of the environment of care and life safety, the physical environment visualized
  • Action-based plans to measure results and keep track of discrepancies
  • Detailed schedules and timelines for compliance procedures and renewals
  • Recurring safety training and education as well as safety planning for team members and hospital staff
  • Comprehensive management of your facility, including HVAC, building automation, construction, and more
  • Hands-on management that ensures operations run smoothly

Enhanced Asset Management

This tool allows us to manage, inventory,  market, and sell pre-identified surplus equipment and assets through a  pay-for-performance model. Its statistical methodology uses scenario  modeling to produce predictable outcomes to project the value of your  large portfolios of assets over a given period of time. Using a sales  platform, we are able to provide exposure of your assets to the  worldwide market of pre-screened buyers for online auction, private  sale, and equipment trade.

One-Source Project Management

No longer do you need to call multiple contacts  to accomplish a set of tasks. UnaLAB will provide each customer a single  point-of-contact to allow for straightforward communication and  all-around transparency. Handoffs become a thing of the past;  development, construction, operations, all services – delivered by one  team. Nothing will get lost in translation when you know exactly who you  are working with and whom you can contact at anytime.

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Optimum Job Flow Chart by UnaLab


100% Mobile Management (MM)

Patient  flow utilizes our proprietary, patient throughput software to ensure  patients are moved through your facility with greater ease. This means more open schedules, increased staff satisfaction, added time for procedures, reduced patient hold times, and a better  patient experience, door-to-door. With a dedicated transport team, your  clinicians no longer have to handle patient transports, which results in  decreased expenditures for your facility.

Meeting your Goals with Optimum Job Flow

With the use of our cost-effective,  cutting-edge patient transport technology platform, we are able to  analyze discharge times and patterns to provide greater accuracy to the  patient flow process.

This is achieved by providing you with:

  • 100% mobile management capabilities for on-the-go, real-time transport requests
  • Streamlined processes that reduce emergency department hold times and clinical overtime
  • Optimized operations that reduce bottlenecks, left-without-being-seen, and left-without-treatment rates
  • Benchmark data to measure progress and improve efficiency

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