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About Us


Our Health Mission and Management Team

  We are  proud to provide quality customer service and products with years of  experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our customers.  Our goal is to make you feel better and safe as quickly as possible.

Our main products are proudly Made in the USA and there will be 300+ quality Health & Beauty items to be introduced here,   UnaLab Korea, UnaLab Canada, and UnaLab Europe+Russia as well. We can ship worldwide. Global distribution inquiries are welcome. For local dealership requirements, please contact us by email to:

Management Team

Founders & Advisors

  • Chris Pitt, CEO/UnaLab USA, Retired British Air Force Colonel, EVP/WorldVision
  • Gary Hove, CMO/UnaLab USA, VP/CalPak
  • Dr. John Li, CTO, Head of R&D Dept/UnaLab USA, PhD/CalTech
  • Jay Chung, CFO/UnaLab USA, Member of Methodist Hospital Foundation 300 Club, Sodexo USA
  • K.H. Cho, CEO/UnaLab Canada, CEO/SK Consulting
  • K.M. Cho, CEO/UnaLab Korea
  • Ken Park, Esq. JD & Legal Counsel/UnaLab USA

Wash Your Hands!

Your Cell Phone is 10 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat > Germs are everywhere, wash your hands and use UnaSOL > Coming soon.